Box-O-Wine Pirro Flips Out Over De Niro: 'Keep Your Mouth Shut!’

The Five’s Jeanine Pirro attacked Robert De Niro for daring to publicly state his negative opinion on her Dear Leader.

Pirro, with her silver spoon that she uses as a sipping straw between commercial breaks, seems to believe the Academy Award winning actor is a loser because he didn’t put his name on a building.

Okay, Donald Trump wants to destroy the city, the country, and the world.

You know, my question for Robert De Niro is what have you done for New York City, Robert De Niro?

What have you done?

Is there a building with your name on it?

Have you built skyscrapers?

Has the skyline of New York changed because of all of your vision?

No, you had to read everything you read to get ahead in life, and now you’re reading a script at a Biden-arranged press conference.

You’re a loser, and I’m not surprised you needed that.

And let me say this about the Biden administration.

They’re bleeding women, minorities, and they bring out this geezer who can’t, you know, in a mask to trash Trump.

And you know, it really is amazing to me that what Donald Trump, when he was in office, he’s gonna say we’re gonna be at war.

Number one, there were no wars.

Number two, there was peace in the Middle East.

There was the Abraham Accords.

We had the lowest price in terms of gas.

We had no, gas, we had no, look, gas.

We had no inflation.

Robert De Niro, you’re just too stupid.

Keep your mouth shut.

All right.

I’ll get in trouble for that, but I don’t care.

No, no, you won’t.

Pirro, the lady who let Robert Durst go, had nothing to refute De Niro with so like Trump, she read off a litany of bullshit to make Trump’s presidency appear normal.

By the way, De Niro could have his name plastered across many buildings in Manhattan if he wanted to.

De Niro and his partners launched the Tribeca Film Festival to help revitalize New York after 9/11. It’s brought in hundreds of millions of dollars to the city since dear ol’ Wino PIrro.

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