Boise man in jail after allegedly smashing window at Eagle gym, trying to bite deputy

A Boise man threatened a pair of teenagers during a workout at an Eagle gym and smashed a window near the entrance of the business to get away, according to the Ada County Sheriff’s Office.

After he was arrested, he tried to bite a deputy.

The result is that a 21-year-old has been charged with one count of malicious injury to property and one count of assault and battery on a law enforcement officer, according to authorities. Both are felonies. He also faces a misdemeanor charge of resisting or obstructing officers, according to online records.

He was being held at the Ada County Jail.

The man was acting strangely and bothering two teenagers who were working out Sunday afternoon at a gym in the 300 block of S. Eagle Road when a bystander told the man to leave the teens alone, a Sheriff’s Office news release said. The bystander and teens then closed the door to an exercise room and blocked it with kettle bells so the man couldn’t get in, Eagle police said.

Eagle’s police force contracts through the Ada County Sheriff’s Office.

Another witness said that when the man couldn’t get into the exercise room, he became angry and tried to leave the gym through the front door, but fell backward when it didn’t open. Then he took a “large knife” out of his waistband and used it to break a window near the door, according to police.

Eagle officers said they responded to the gym just after 12:30 p.m. when they got a 911 call. They searched the area for about 30 minutes before finding the man behind a restaurant on East State Street with the knife underneath his sweatshirt, according to the news release.

After taking the man to the Ada County Jail in a patrol car, he tried to run away and also tried to bite one of the deputies on the arm.

The incident resulted in a significant law enforcement presence in downtown Eagle and the shopping area northeast of Eagle Road, the release said.

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