Big Baby Donald Trump Fundraising Off Biden Calling Him A Mean Word

In a piece from Politico, the outlet revealed what President Joe Biden *really* (Yes, they actually did put really in there with asterisks for emphasis) calls Trump behind closed doors. I’m unsure why I mentioned the asterisk thing, but it’s weird. Unsurprisingly, like the rest of us, Biden thinks Trump is a sick fuck.

Biden almost went there recently.

“At his rally, he jokes about an intruder, whipped up by the Big Trump Lie, taking a hammer to Paul Pelosi’s skull,” Biden said. “And he thinks that’s funny. He laughed about it. What a sick …”

Yes, laughing at someone assaulting a senior citizen with a hammer makes you a sick fuck. He also described Trump as an asshole. Specifically, a fucking asshole.

The president has described Trump to longtime friends and close aides as a “sick fuck” who delights in others’ misfortunes, according to three people who have heard the president use the profane description. According to one of the people who has spoken with the president, Biden recently said of Trump: “What a fucking asshole the guy is.”

Mediaite notes that little titty baby Donald Trump is fundraising off of it in an email titled, “BIDEN JUST CALLED ME A SICK F-WORD!”

Friend, but you know he doesn’t just think that about me, he thinks that about EVERY SINGLE ONE of my proud supporters.


Hillary Clinton calls us deplorables.

Biden will spit on us & call us every curse word in the dictionary.


And I know with your patriotic support at this very moment, WE WILL STOP HIM!

Before the day is over, I’m calling on EVERY PATRIOT reading this message to chip in and say, I LOVE PRESIDENT TRUMP! The email – which was signed by Trump and included his signature – concluded, “If you stand with me now, we’ll be the ones laughing on Election Day.”

Yes, Donald, we know your supporters love you. It’s just not a healthy kind of love. Imagine doing something like this. Also, imagine that his supporters think he’s some sort of an alpha male. I can now visualize Trump telling E. Jean Carroll’s attorney, “C U Next Tuesday,” because the 77-year-old indicted grifter really is that childish. Well, I’m calling him a rapist. Fundraise off of that, you big weirdo.

‘MOM, she called me a mean name!’

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