Anthony Scaramucci Lays Out How He Believes Democrats Can Beat Trump

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said Wednesday he will work “tirelessly” to support whomever Democrats nominate to oppose Donald Trump in the November election.

If that person, whether it’s President Joe Biden or another candidate, “focuses on what [Trump is] doing, the hate tropes and the victimization tropes, they will beat him in November,” Scaramucci told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Scaramucci, who served a very brief stint in the Trump White House in 2017, declined to say whether Biden should be replaced with a younger nominee.

“It’s honestly not fair for me to say, because I’m not a lifelong Democrat,” he said. “What I’ve said to my Democratic friends: you tell me who the candidate is. I will work tirelessly on behalf of that candidate, because I understand the danger that [Trump] is expressing to our society.

He fiercely criticized Trump’s rhetoric at a Florida rally on Tuesday, describing his “disgust” over the former president’s “crazy stream of consciousness,” which he said was laced with racist dog-whistling that “plays well to certain group of people.”

The entrepreneur called on the Biden campaign to be more transparent and allow the president to make more media appearances.

“He’s got to get out there and prove that he’s up for it,” he said.

The Biden campaign has been in turmoil over the past two weeks since he bombed at the presidential debate, sparking a flurry of concerns about his fitness and ability to beat Trump.

Trump held his first campaign rally since the debate on Tuesday at his Doral golf club, offering a stream of lies, fear-mongering, bizarre asides and attacks on Biden and other political enemies.

Watch the full interview below.


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