55 Weird Things For Your Backyard That Are Clever As Hell On Amazon


55 Weird Things For Your Backyard That Are Clever As Hell On Amazon

Make sure your backyard is ready for the season.


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55 Weird Things For Your Backyard That Are Clever As Hell On Amazon


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It’s easy to spend time and money on small upgrades inside your home, but backyards need love, too. To give your backyard the upgrades it deserves, scroll through this list of Amazon’s most clever and weirdly unique items you’ll be thrilled to discover.


These Clever Gardening Knee Pads With Extra Foam Padding

Give your knees a break while you work in the garden when you wear these gardening knee pads. Made with thick foam padding, the knee pads are comfortable for all-day work — whether it’s in the garden, yard work, or housework. They’re designed with adjustable straps to fit people of all ages and sizes, and you can even buy them in a two-pack or four-pack if you have other gardeners in the family.


This Charming Wooden Garden Pathway That Is So Easy To Roll Out

Give your garden a touch of charm with this roll-out wooden garden pathway. The pathway doesn’t just add to the aesthetics of your garden, it provides a walkway so people (AKA kids) don’t step on your plants. The wood is weather-resistant and is easy to clean by hosing it down. It can be rolled up when it isn’t being used, making it easy to store.


This Weather-Resistant Outdoor Ring Toss Game With 15 Ways To Play

You may have never seen this outdoor ring game before, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t super fun. Made from New Zealand pine, the game is weather-resistant and durable enough to withstand lots of play. There are 15 games to play, including the classic ring toss. The yard toss game comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to store and bring along to a backyard gathering.


This Outdoor Bike Cover That’s Fully Waterproof

If you keep your bike outside and exposed to the elements, you’ll be happy with this waterproof bike cover. It comes in three sizes, so it’s great coverage for all types of bikes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, beach cruisers, electric bikes, and trikes. The cover has a drawstring closure that protects your bike from rain, snow, dust, and UV rays.


This Funny Coco Fiber Door Mat That Poses An Excellent Question

If you have a funny personality, it only makes sense to have a funny welcome mat like this Did You Call First doormat. It isn’t just clever though, it’s also efficient. Made with tightly woven coco fibers, the mat is durable and effective at getting dirt off of shoes. It also has a nonslip backing that keeps the mat from sliding around.


These Best-Selling Fire Packets For An Hour Of Colorful Flames Each

Brighten up your campfires and fully impress the kids when you throw one to three of these colorful fire packets in the flames. The entire pouch can be tossed into a fire, and it truly looks like magical flames for up to an hour. You’ll need to use these in wood-burning fires as they can’t be used with propane or artificial log pits.


This Ergonomic Hand Weeder Tool That Gets To The Roots

Add this hand weeder tool to your gardening toolbox for a much easier time pulling weeds. Its purpose is to help you grab the entire root without having to dig a large hole to keep the surrounding plants intact. The tool has a soft ergonomic handle with a finger grip for more control, and it features a hole so you can hang it alongside your other tools.


This Pooper Scooper Set That Doesn’t Require Bending Over

No matter the size of your dog, it’s never fun picking up poop in your backyard, which is why this pooper scooper set can really come in handy. The set comes with a small rake and an extra-large tray that can hold a tremendous amount of poo so you don’t have to trek back and forth to the trash can. The handles are long, allowing you to pick up your dog’s droppings from a comfortable position. Since if you’re gonna pick up poo, you might as well be comfortable while doing it.


These Reusable & Absorbent Water Balls That Come In A Pack Of 60

Dare I say these reusable water balls are more fun than water balloons? These brightly colored water balls absorb a ton of water, making them a whole lot of fun to chuck at a friend. Plus, they’re extra soft and won’t hurt even when they accidentally/on purpose hit you in the face. Sixty balls come in the set, and they can be washed and reused all season long.


This Hummingbird Ring Feeder That You Can Get In 7 Colors

A fantastic way to experience hummingbirds up close and personal is by using this hummingbird ring feeder to offer them nectar. A small amount of nectar fits in the ring and the goal is to get hummingbirds to trust you enough to swing by (it’s totally normal for that process to take a while).

As one reviewer noted, “My husband and I both were able to get hummingbirds to feed out of our hands and it was an amazing experience! We slowly moved our yard feeders closer and closer to the back porch over the course of a week and then stood next to one of them with our hand out with the ring and it worked!” The ring is top-shelf dishwasher safe and comes in seven great colors.


These Flickering Flame Torch Lights That Charge In The Sun

Light a pathway in your yard in style with this six-pack of solar torch lights. After being fully charged by the sun, the torch lights will last for six to eight hours in the summer and four to six hours in the winter. While the flickering lights are a fun addition to your yard year-round, they’re especially on brand to use during spooky season.


This 2-Pack Of Flying Ring Toys That Are Much Lighter Than Frisbees

If you aren’t a fan of frisbees because of how much they can hurt, check out this pack of two lightweight flying rings. The rings are designed to fly straight, and they’re 80% lighter than standard frisbees, so they’re great for kids of all ages. They’re a great toy to bring along on trips because they’re fun, but also because they’re flat and easy to pack. You can grab them in one of eight color packs.


This Giant Inflatable Pool Float With A Built-In Pillow

It’s never a bad idea to own a giant inflatable pool float that can be used by more than one person at a time. This one is great for the pool, beach, or lake, giving you or your kiddos a place to float around with a partner. It’s also just great for lounging in the backyard to catch some sun and read a book. The raft features a comfortable pillow so you can get fully into relaxation mode — at least until your kids decide otherwise.


These Drink Stakes That Anchor In The Ground

At a backyard party, these drink stakes will give your guests a fun spot to place their beverages. They come in a pack of four and can hold solo cups, cans, wine bottles, and more. Footpegs help you anchor the stakes securely into the ground, and a two-piece design lets you break them down for more convenient storage.


This Portable Picnic Table That Comes With A Wine & Cheese Serving Set

The only picnic table that matters is this bamboo picnic table that comes with a wine & cheese serving set, including four serving utensils, six glass holders, a knife set, and a wine opener. Perfect for backyard parties, the base of the table is designed to stick in sand or grass. You can also bring it to someone else’s yard thanks to its included fabric bag that makes it easy to carry on the go.


A Popular Spray That Protects Your Outdoor Furniture From Sun & Rain Damage

If you’ve invested in patio furniture, this sun and water shield spray can help to ensure that it lasts. It works to repel away water from rain and snow and helps to protect fading from UV damage, making it an easy add-on. If you don’t believe that it really works, consider the 20,000 five-star reviews.


These Large & Versatile Yard Dice Made From New Zealand Pine

You can play over 20 fun yard games with these large yard dice. The dice are made of eco-friendly New Zealand pine and come in a collapsible bucket filled with five laminated scorecards and a marker. The oversized dice are great for players of all skill levels, and even better, they’re fun for kids to play with whether they’re playing an official game or just tossing them around.


This Durable Plastic Pitcher That’s Slim Enough To Fit In Your Fridge

Chilled drinks are a must-have for outdoor entertaining, and this pitcher means you can have them no matter how small your fridge is or how small your outdoor table is. It’s just 6 inches wide, so it can fit into places other pitchers can’t. And it’s made from unbreakable, BPA-free plastic, which also makes it great for pool areas.


This Outdoor Side Table Made From Acacia Wood That Can Fold Flat

This cute little outdoor side table is a great addition to a seating area that could use a place for beverages, books, phones, etc. The small table is made from acacia wood and is stained and oiled for a natural finish. It folds flat, so during the winter months or when you aren’t using it, it can easily be stored.


These Versatile Glowing Rocks For Outdoor Decor

There are so many uses for these glowing outdoor rocks. You can place them in your garden, on a pathway, or in a fish tank. The nontoxic rocks absorb energy from the sun and other light sources and glow in a dark environment. While this pack comes with 480 rocks, these are also available in smaller packs of 200 and 300.


This Best-Selling Hammock That Fits Into A Backpack

This ultra-lightweight hammock comes in an attached storage bag with two carabiners and two 9-foot-long tree straps. There are several color options and three sizes to choose from for single or double lounging. It’s great for your backyard, especially since it’ll add a pop of color to your exterior with its 19 available options, but it also packs up easily if you want to take it camping.


These Flexible Grill Lights With A Magnetic Base

This two-pack of grill lights makes barbecuing in the dark doable. The lights feature a magnetic base that lets you stick them wherever you need them on the grill, and a gooseneck lets you pinpoint the light even further. Each light takes three AAA batteries, all included in the pack, and the lights come in a portable case.


This Hanging Ceramic Planter That’s The Bees Knee’s When It Comes To Displaying Plants

This sweet hanging ceramic planter has an adorable bee hive design that’ll add some personality to your backyard. You can place almost any type of plant in it, including cacti, succulents, snake plants, and aloe vera. It’s great for an outdoor patio, but you can also hang this planter indoors. Give this planter as a housewarming gift and it’ll be all the buzz.


These Waterproof Solar Patio Lights That Come In A Pack Of 16

There’s big versatility with this 16-pack of waterproof solar deck lights. You can set them up on stairs, planters, or other areas of your landscaping. After charging for six to eight hours in the sun, they emit a warm light from dusk until dawn. The illumination doesn’t cause a glare, so you can look right at them.


This Sweet Planter That Will Give Both Indoor & Outdoor Plants More Personality

Handcrafted from resin to look like a lady, this planter doubles as a pot and decor. As the plant you place in the pot grows, it’ll look like hair, adding a little fun to the growing process. The pot has a drainage hole at the bottom, so while it can be used indoors or outdoors, be sure to place it in a plant drainage tray if it’s mostly kept inside.


This Collapsible Outdoor Trash Can That’s So Useful

Whether you want an easy place for guests to put bottles and cans during a party or need a spot to collect all of your leaves and bush trimmings in while you’re doing yard work, this best-selling garbage can can get the job done. It pops up to hold 29.5 gallons of stuff but then collapses compactly for easy storage when you’re not using it. The sturdy yet durable material is also strong enough to stand up to use after use.


These Steel Trellises To Help Climbing Plants Thrive (& Hide Eyesores While They’re At It)

This pack of two 31-inch trellises offers several ways to prop up your climbing plants to help them look healthy and encourage vertical growth. They’re made of steel, but they don’t add too much weight to a pot, making it possible to move the pot around if needed. No assembly is needed — just shove them in the dirt and be on your way.


This Outdoor Pillow Cover That Comes In Several Styles

It’s always a good time to add a decorative llama pillow cover to your outdoor seating area. If llamas aren’t your thing, however, there are several other designs to choose from. The cover measures 18 by 18 inches, and square pillow inserts of the same size as these are easy to find. It’s machine washable and has a zipper closure.


A Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speaker That Doubles As A Torch Light

Listen to music while providing ambient light with this water-resistant Bluetooth speaker torch. Once your smartphone or tablet connects to the speaker, you can enjoy stereo sound with impressive volume and bass. The speaker doubles as a torch with flickering warm light. Its compact size makes it easy to bring it along wherever you go.


These String Light Poles For Hanging Festive Decor On Your Deck

Light up the night with these eight-inch string light poles, which will happily hold string lights or other decor. The deck poles come with rubber feet and mounting hardware to help you light up an outdoor dinner, but you can also buy a version for your lawn that stakes into the ground. Lighting aside, they’re also great for banners and other festive decor.


A Double Wall Insulated Ice Bucket With A Sleek, Smudge-Proof Look

This stainless steel ice bucket is double wall insulated, which means the inside stays cooler for longer, even when it’s hot-hot-hot outside. This bucket doesn’t just have a sleek, fingerprint-proof appearance, it also has some practical features with a wooden lid that has a built-in tongs hook.


These Easy-To-Use Meat Shredder Claws With An Ergonomic Grip

Barbecuing and smoking meat is great, but shredding it can be tedious. These meat claws make that process easy, however, Just grab the handles and go to town on your brisket, pork butt, or chicken — it’s that easy. With comfy handles and deep claws, these utensils can also be used to grab meats off the grill and keep them steady while slicing.


These Stunning Outdoor Lanterns That Are Powered By The Sun

Hang these solar lanterns around your backyard for ambient lighting and stunning decor. The string lights inside the waterproof lanterns look like fireflies, which is perfection. The lanterns come in a two-pack, and they’re solar-powered, lasting anywhere from six to eight hours. It’s best if they’re placed in an area that gets direct sunlight, to make sure they shine their brightest when the time comes.


These Color-Coded Prep & Serve Trays With A Near-Perfect Rating

Bring your food from the kitchen to the grill and back again with ease with the help of these trays, which have a 4.8-star rating on Amazon. They’re color-coded — red for raw meat and veggies and black for cooked — which helps to prevent cross contamination. Each tray is made of BPA-free melamine, so they’re sturdy yet won’t get hot no matter how smokin’ your steaks may be.


These Inflatable Serving Trays That Double As Coolers

Place these inflatable serving trays on a table, fill them with ice, and add drinks or food for a party. They’re portable and ideal for parties on location to keep everything chilled. Since they’re designed to be filled with ice, they might fully replace a cooler, which will help minimize party cleanup. They also make fantastic sensory bins for little ones.


A Complete Set Of Cuisinart Grilling Tools With Long Wooden Handles

Every grillmaster needs the right tools, and this 13-piece set has everything you need for effective cooking, including a spatula, tongs, skewers, a scrub brush, and everything in between. The tools are made from stainless steel, which is long-lasting, but they have stylish and long wooden handles that will stay cool as you cook and clean.


This Bug Control Spray That Lasts For Up To 12 Weeks

Get control over the mosquitos, ants, and fleas in your backyard when you use this backyard bug control spray. To use, connect one end of a house to the bottle and turn the water on to evenly distribute the concentrate all over your grass, bushes, and other backyard areas. It can treat up to 5,000 square feet of yard and will last up to 12 weeks.


An Easy-To-Hang Magnetic Screen Door That Lets You Outside Hands-Free

You can walk outside with your hands full of cocktails or snacks easily once you install this screen door, which only needs the included hook-and-loop strip to hang. It’s made of fine mesh to keep pests out of your home, but the center is filled with 36 strong, weighted magnets that will open as you walk through hands-free.


These Picnic Food Covers That Can Shield Your Potluck Offerings From Pesky Bugs

If the bugs are always buggin’ during your backyard picnics and potlucks, try these mesh picnic covers to keep them at bay. The three-pack comes with one extra-large cover and two large covers for all types of dishes. They’re also great for garden protection to keep the animals and insects away when your plants are on the smaller side.


This Fast-Drying Grass Spray Paint That Makes Your Lawn Look More Lively

When you can’t bring dead patches of grass back to life, use this grass renewal spray paint to turn it green again. Spray the green paint on brown areas to make it blend in with the rest of your green grass. The fast-drying spray paint won’t harm your grass or plants, and won’t wash away in the rain or with a sprinkler.


This Best-Selling Putting Green With Three Holes

A great way to practice your golf game is by bringing golf to your backyard with this putting green. Measuring 3 feet by 9 feet, the putting green is big enough to get some good practice in without taking up too much space in your backyard. The green features three holes and a built-in sandtrap to catch missed balls. Plus, over 16,000 people gave it a five-star rating.


This Elite-Looking Ping Pong Paddle Made Of Lightweight Carbon

Bring some more fun to your backyard with this premium ping pong paddle. Suitable for every skill level, it has a large rubber “sweet spot” combined with a lightweight carbon handle, and it even comes with a carrying case to keep it in top form. You can opt for a single paddle, a two-pack to play with a friend, or a four-pack that includes eight high-performance balls.


These Sectional Serving Platters With A Dedicated Compartment For Dip

You can instantly make an impressive presentation out of any snack spread by incorporating these serving platters. Available in sets of two, four, or eight platters, they’re made of durable plastic and come in 11 colors, so you can easily match any aesthetic or party scheme. The six compartments are perfect for holding everything from pretzels and chips to meats and cheeses.


This Herb Garden Set That Includes 10 Different Seed Packets

Give the gifts of better-seasoned meals with this herb garden set. The kit comes with 10 non-GMO seed packets in a cute wooden box, including dill, chives, parsley, oregano, cilantro, basil, and thyme. It also has 10 plant markers and a growing guide with instructions on how to grow an herb garden outside successfully. If you’re not a green thumb but want to learn, this kit is a great way to get introduced.


This Gorgeous Hummingbird Feeder That’s Ant-Proof & Leakproof

With this hummingbird feeder, you don’t have to worry about ants or other insects taking over as the feeder is leakproof and the holes are just the right size for tiny hummingbird beaks. The feeder is designed with red, pink, orange, and yellow hues that naturally attract hummingbirds. There are four styles to choose from, all of which the hummingbirds will love.


These Handy Clips To Keep Your Tablecloths In Place

Windy days won’t mean the end of your thoughtful table-scape, thanks to these heavy-duty clips. With 12 in a set, they’re made of sturdy stainless steel that holds tight to tables while still being easy to install and remove. Plus, it’s compatible with standard-size tables ranging from 1 to 1.4 inches in thickness.


A Pretty Mesh Canopy That Will Keep The Bugs Out

If you want to spend more time in your backyard but the bugs won’t leave you alone, this mesh canopy can create a safe space while adding an ethereal touch. Available as a convenient two pack, it comes in a generous size and is made with super-fine mesh to help keep out even tinier bugs, like mosquitos and gnats. And it comes with the hardware you need to set it up quickly.


This Sturdy Garden Netting Made Of Super Fine Mesh

Protect your garden from insects and small animals with this garden netting pest barrier. The super fine mesh netting is sturdy and durable, and it allows rain, sunlight, and fresh air to pass through. You’ll love what it does for your garden, but the pests will not. The netting is good for three to five years, which is pretty amazing considering its wallet-friendly price point.


This Solar Wind Chime That’ll Light Up Your Patio

Once the sun goes down, this solar wind chime will light up your patio. After a day of direct sunlight, the butterfly wind chime will turn on and change colors for six to eight hours. There are two types of hook options, and the wind chime is waterproof, so you can hang it from a patio, door, window, or a tree in your yard.


These Silicone Coasters That Come In A 6-Pack

If you’re in need of some efficient coasters, check out this six-pack of silicone coasters. Because they’re made of silicone, the coasters can handle high heat as well as cold beverages while effectively protecting both your indoor and outdoor furniture. They’re nonslip, easy to clean, and they come in a plethora of colors to match your patio’s aesthetic.


This Reversible Felt Dart Board That Uses Magnets For Peace Of Mind

You can enjoy a friendly game of darts just about anywhere — and without the worry of someone getting in the crossfire — with this magnetic dart board set. It has a two-sided design to allow for different styles of play, and it’s made of soft felt that can be rolled up for compact storage.


An Elegant Sun Shade That Will Help You Stay Cool

Is your space lacking in the shade department? This sleek sun shade can fix that. It comes in 16 colors and tons of sizes, so you can easily find the right option for your space. It’s made of durable material that offers protection from 95% of UV rays, and it’s even water-resistant so it can handle weather elements.


This Adjustable Plant Caddy With Wheels For Easy Relocation

Anyone with outdoor planters knows how heavy they can get, but with this wheeled caddy you can still move them around with ease. It has an expandable design to fit plants of various sizes, and it can even be helpful for moving around other bulky outdoor items, like trash cans, patio furnitures, and more.


These Incense Sticks That Repel Mosquitoes & Last Up To 3 Hours

If mosquitoes prevent you from enjoying your backyard, you have to try these mosquito-repellent sticks. The deet-free sticks come in a pack of 12 and work just like incense. When lit, the smoke from the incense smells like essential oils that mosquitoes choose to stay away from. Each stick will burn for 2.5 to three hours.


These Heavy-Duty Grill Mats To Prevent A Messy Clean-Up

Prevent food from falling through your grill’s grates by using these two heavy-duty grill mats. The nonstick mats are thick enough to keep the grates clean while you cook, and they’re thin enough to thoroughly cook your food while maintaining the smoky, charred flavor of a grill. The mats are dishwasher safe, which makes grilling with them a breeze.

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